Our Solutions are Incorporated into Stages of Project Management.
A New Way of Construction Management
  • Quality Control Management
    Issue Logging
    Checklist Inspection
    Real Time Information Dashboard
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  • Active Asset Expiration Alert
    Real Time Asset & Certificate Record
    Real Time Asset Registration & Renewal
    Online Asset Dashboard
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  • Site Safety Management
    Worker Identity & Qualification Record
    Training Attendance
    Worker Performance Logging
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  • Instant Permit Application & Notification
    Auto Alert of Permit Status
    Worker Qualification Verification
    Real Time Information Dashboard
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  • Issue Report & Schedule Route Report
    Schedule & Ad Hoc Route
    Issue/ Incident Logging
    Real Time Information Dashboard
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  • Auto Alert of Material Status
    Material Progress Tracking
    Material Location Tracking
    Worker Identity Verification
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  • Customer Information Management
    Works Order Management
    Task Notification
    Task Resource Calendar

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